Policy Number: 3354:2-20-05
Title: Employment Contracts for Administrators and Supervisory/Professionals
Date Approved by the Board of Trustees: 1/15/98
Updated & Approved: 03/06/2003
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Continuing Admin & S/PTemporary Admin & S/PTenure-track FacultyNon-tenure track Faculty
x Full-timex Full-timeFull-timeTemporary
x Partial-yearx Partial-year Part-time
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  1. Length of Contract Year
    1. Commences July 1 and concludes June 30 of the following year.
      1. Except for temporary contracts (as set forth in B.4.), administrators and supervisory/professionals hired after the beginning of the fiscal year established in (1) above shall be issued a first year probationary contract which terminates on June 30 of the following year.
  2. Types of Contracts
    1. Probationary Contracts Issued to Newly-Hired Administrators and Supervisory/Professionals
      1. Newly-hired administrators and supervisory/professionals must be employed by the college for at least 9 months of paid employment prior to becoming eligible on the next July 1 for a continuing contract.
        1. Newly-hired administrators and supervisory/professionals performing unsatisfactorily shall be notified by March 15 of non-renewal of the employment contract.
    2. Probationary Contracts Issued Due to Unsatisfactory Performance
      1. If, as a result of the annual performance evaluation, the President determines the work of an administrative employee to be unsatisfactory, the President may order the issuance of a probationary contract commencing on July 1 of the next fiscal year.
        1. In the event the employee continues to demonstrate unsatisfactory performance during the probationary period, he/she shall be notified, in writing, no later than February 1 of the then current fiscal year of the intent not to reemploy for the subsequent fiscal year.
    3. Continuing Contracts
      1. Issued to all administrators and supervisory/professionals having satisfactorily completed the probationary employment period.
      2. Management has the right to transfer an administrator or supervisory/professional who is under contract to a comparable position.
      3. Normally renewed annually
        1. Non-renewal Due to a Lack of Work or Funds
          1. Affected employee shall be notified by March 15 of the then current contract.
          2. Failure to provide notice by the date(s) established above shall result in the automatic re-employment of the employee for the subsequent fiscal year.
          3. Where the incumbent of an eliminated administrative or supervisory/professional assignment has previously earned tenure as a Lakeland faculty member, the incumbent shall have the right to return to his/her former academic division as a full-time tenured faculty member. Faculty seniority status in such situations shall be established in accordance with the applicable provisions of any then current labor agreement.
        2. Non-renewal Due to Unsatisfactory Performance
          1. See B.2.a.i.
        3. Non-renewal For Cause
    4. Temporary contracts issued to administrators, supervisory/professionals for a limited term as set forth in a grant or for a special project.
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