Diversity On Campus

At Lakeland Community College, fostering an understanding and respect for diversity both on the campus and in the community is an essential part of the college's focus.

So much so, that diversity is listed as one of the college's Core Values and the commitment to creating learning opportunities is reflected in many of the activities, classes, groups and events held on campus throughout the year.

Find a list of our Diversity Award recipients here!

Many campus student organizations, college support services, faculty and staff also highlight diversity issues in the events and activities they coordinate. From art gallery shows to lectures, movies and displays, many segments of the college endeavor to expand awareness and encourage appreciation of the beauty and challenges found in diverse cultures and peoples. The Women's Center, Men's Center, Library, the Gallery at Lakeland, the Center for International Education, student clubs, and many academic departments frequently provide diversity-related programs that are free and open to the public.

Diversity-related events have taken on a number of themes. Here are a few examples:

  • African American Art Exhibit
  • African American Inventors Lecture
  • Black History Month Celebration
  • Cinco de Mayo Celebration
  • Cleveland Ethnic Neighborhood Field Trip
  • Cultural Diversity Week
  • Deaf Awareness Days
  • Dia de los Muertos Celebration
  • Diwali Celebration
  • Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Tribute
  • Friends of Pangaea Day
  • Hawaiian Art and Culture Celebration
  • International Film Series
  • International Folk Festival
  • Japanese Tea Ceremony
  • Knowledge Exchanges on the history and cultures of Africa, Armenia, Greece, Hong Kong, India, Iran, and Japan
  • Kwanzaa Celebration
  • Passover Seder
  • Provocative Film Series
  • Scotland Photo Exhibit
  • Tournees Film Festival

For those interested in taking classes that cultivate a deeper observation of diversity issues, the college provides a list of credit courses across many areas of study. Not all of the courses will transfer to another university as credit for a diversity requirement, so students should consult with the Counseling Center before registering.

The Diversity Committee plays a key role in administering programs and addressing challenges. The purpose of the Diversity Committee is to advise the president of the college regarding diversity and equal opportunity issues, and to facilitate programs and services that meet the changing needs of individuals in a diverse community.

Responsibilities include:

  • Identifying the strengths, resources and needs of the college in matters of diversity
  • Assess and evaluate the progress of diversity on campus
  • Recommend proactive activities to address diversity issues of concern
  • Fund and endorse programs that will enhance diversity on campus
  • Oversee the development of programs and activities that foster equal opportunities for all
  • Review alleged patterns of discrimination
  • Recommend specific equal opportunity measure
  • Select Recipients of the Annual Diversity Award
  • Review Human Resources hiring practices report

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