Policy Number: 3354:2-20-03
Title: Personnel Reports to the Board of Trustees
Date Approved by the Board of Trustees: 1/11/96
Updated & Approved: 03/06/2003, 11/04/2021
Related Procedure HR20-03 HR20-03A


Continuing Admin & S/PTemporary Admin & S/PTenure-track FacultyNon-tenure track Faculty
x Full-timex Full-timex Full-timeTemporary
x Partial-yearx Partial-year Part-time
x Full-timex Full-time  
x Partial-yearx Partial-year  


The following provisions shall apply only to full-time and partial-year continuing and temporary administrators, supervisory/professionals, and staff and full-time faculty. Excluded are part-time faculty, part-time continuing or temporary staff employees.

  1. Monthly Activities
    1. The Board shall approve at regular meetings:
      1. The appointment of individuals who report to the Board; the President, Treasurer and Secretary to the Board.
      2. Involuntary employment terminations and non-renewals of employment contracts of faculty, staff, supervisory/professionals, or administrators.
  2. Yearly Activities
    1. The Board shall approve on a yearly basis:
      1. Faculty requests for long-term professional leave and tenure;
      2. Administrators' requests for long-term professional leave.
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