Policy Number: 3354:2-20-57
Title: Professional Development Leave for Administrators and Supervisory/Professional
Date Approved by the Board of Trustees: 12/7/00
Updated & Approved: 03/06/2003
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  1. Eligibility Requirements
    1. Completion of seven full years of paid college employment either from date of hire or date of last professional leave.
  2. Conditions Governing the Leave for Professional Development
    1. The purpose of the leave is strictly for professional development.
      1. The employee's application for leave, directed to the President, should specify the activities proposed; whether the request is for paid or unpaid leave; and the anticipated benefits to the college.
    2. The leave may not exceed one hundred twenty calendar days.
    3. The leave must be approved 60 days in advance of start by the Board of Trustees.
    4. All employment benefits shall be continued in full force during the leave.
    5. The leave recipient must return to the college following the leave and complete a year's full-time service or reimburse the college for the full amount of salary paid to him/her during the course of the leave, unless the employee is not able to return to work for medical reasons that are documented with appropriate physician statements.
    6. A report shall be made to the Board of Trustees at one of its regular meetings following the completion of the leave.
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