Policy Number: 3354:2-20-08
Title: Transfers of Staff Employees
Date Approved by the Board of Trustees: 7/7/94
Updated & Approved:
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  1. Types of Transfers
    1. Compulsory
      1. Initiated and mandated by the college administration, the transfer is to a position in the same classification.
    2. Voluntary
      1. Initiated by the college administration and agreed to by the staff employee, the transfer may be to a position in the same or a different classification so long as the pay grade is the same as that associated with the former position and the employee possesses the minimum qualifications for the position.
    3. Employee-Initiated
      1. Re-assignment sought through the in-house application process.
  2. Conditions Governing Transfers
    1. Salary Placement
      1. Salary placement shall not be affected by college-initiated transfers, whether compulsory or voluntary.
      2. Salary placement for employee-initiated transfers shall be governed by policy 3354:2-20-32, Staff Salary Placement/Salary Advancement.
    2. Probationary Status of Transferred Employees
      1. Governed by policy 3354:2-20-06, Probationary Employment Status.
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