Procedure Number: SS61-04
Title: Procedure for posthumous award of degree
Date Approved: 5/7/2020
Updated & Approved:
Related Policy 3354:2-51-04



  1. It is appropriate for any interested party to initiate consideration of awarding a posthumous degree for an eligible student, but the formal request must come from the parent, guardian, spouse, domestic partner or lineal descendant of an eligible student who must contact the office of the provost to initiate the process and receive information on the application process. Such requests must be made in writing.
  2. The provost will then request the registrar to verify the eligibility of the student which shall include verification that:
    1. the person is deceased;
    2. the person was a student in good academic standing at the time of death; and
    3. the student had entered the second year of the associate degree program and completed no less than seventy-five percent of the degree requirements prior to their death.
  3. Following verification from the registrar, the provost will make a recommendation through the president of the college to the board of trustees.
  4. The board will consider only those nominations that have been verified by the registrar, recommended by the provost and brought forward by the president of the college with their recommendation.
  5. Upon approval of the board, the student will be awarded the posthumous degree.
  6. Posthumous degrees will be awarded at the next appropriate graduation ceremony with special attention being given to allowing for the proper and timely notification of the family or next of kin. Alternatively, the registrar may give it to the provost or other appropriate college official for presentation in a private gathering as a special gesture to the family.
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