Policy Number: 3354:2-61-05
Title: Demonstrations, Marches and Speakers
Date Approved by the Board of Trustees: 1/13/94
Updated & Approved: 03/06/03, 6/2/05
Related Procedure SS61-05



  1. The college recognizes the exercise of the rights of expression, conscience, affiliation, and peaceful assembly. The college is equally mindful that a reasonable and assignment of college facilities, resources, and personnel consistent with civil liberties expressed in the first amendment to the United States Constitution is necessary in order to assure the pursuit of educational programs, to accommodate the needs of all persons, and to respect the rights of all members of the college community.
  2. In order to insure the accomplishment of these purposes and to insure the orderly conduct of classes and other functions of the college, specific administrative procedures are established.
  3. In order to provide continuity of educational programs and to provide for a climate of safety, groups wishing to demonstrate or march on college property must have an endorsement for the demonstration or march from a college department or registered student organization, and must also receive a permit to demonstrate or march from the Dean of Student Development.
  4. The college neither permits nor forbids demonstrations off campus by members of the college community. Persons demonstrating off campus are reminded that they are expected to act in a manner that will conform to all national, state, and municipal laws and ordinances. The college is particularly concerned that this responsibility be fulfilled when persons demonstrating off campus identify themselves as members of the college.
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