The Biology Department seeks to develop students' knowledge of the biological sciences and provide them with information which will prepare them for their career choices and which will help them make informed decisions in their everyday lives. To accomplish this the Biology Department:

  1. Offers individual courses and course sequences for electives or to fulfill the science requirements for either an Associate of Arts (AA) or Associate of Science (AS) degree as outlined in the Lakeland Transfer Module.
  2. Offers courses which are part of the Bioscience Technology Program and the Health Technologies Programs including Dental Hygiene, Health Information Management Technology, Histotechnology, Medical Laboratory Technology, Medical Assisting, Multi-Skilled Health Technology, Nursing, Phlebotomy, Radiologic Technology, Respiratory Therapy, and Surgical Technology.
  3. Works with the Counseling Center to help direct students in planning their curriculum, in selecting and working with transfer institutions, and other academic matters on request.
  4. Works with the Career Services Department to inform students of employment opportunities and career choices related to the biological sciences.
  5. Works with the Learning Center to provide tutorial services.


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