College Comeback Programs

Lakeland recognizes that prior balances may present a challenge to return and meet educational goals. If you are a former student who owes a balance to Lakeland Community College or to one of the institutions* below, you may be eligile for assistance in returning to school.

Lakeland's College Comeback Program

Students must meet the participation eligibility requirements below to participate in Lakeland's College Comeback program. Lakeland will forgive up to $1,500 ($750 a semester/term payable after completion of current term) toward balance held by Lakeland and any Attorney General fees dating back no more than five years.

Student Participation Eligibility
  • Cumulative GPA of 2.0 or above at Lakeland at time of enrolling in program
  • Eligible semester/term to participate
Semester/Term Debt Owed Next Semester/Term Eligible ot Begin Program
Summer Spring
Spring Spring
Fall Summer
  • Debt owed to Lakeland dates back no more than 5 years
  • Debt forgiven by Lakeland is up to $1,500 ($750 semester/term)
  • Degree or certificate seeking at Lakeland
  • Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for current aid year on file at Lakeland
  • Enroll in and successfully complete at least 6 credit hours in first semester back at Lakeland (or minimum credits to earn degree or certificate); complete all enrolled course work in good academic standing (at least 6 credit hours)
Student Next Steps After Confirming Participation Eligibility
  • Schedule meeting with Lakeland academic counselor to map or revise academic pathway to earning degree or certificate and to determine course schedule
  • Schedule meeting with Enrollment Operations staff member; FAFSA for current aid year must be on file at the college before meeting can be scheduled
    • Requirements of program and qualifying activities are discussed (i.e., balance owed, how debt is forgiven and financial plan to pay charges for current semester)
    • Student will be registered for classes previously discussed with Lakeland academic counselor
    • Complete and sign Lakeland College Comeback Agreement Form
Ohio College Comeback Compact Program

The Ohio College Comeback Compact is a collaboration of eight public universities and community colleges in northeast Ohio* to help students who left college without a degree continue their education.

This program is open to eligible students who previously attended any of the eight participating institutions below, have been out of college at least a year, maintained a 2.0 cumulative GPA before they left, and owe the institution $5,000 or less. Find more information and to check your eligibility here.


*Participating Colleges: Cleveland State University, Cuyahoga Community College, Kent State University, Lakeland Community College, Lorain County Community College, Stark State College, The University of Akron and Youngstown State University.

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