Policy Number: 3354:2-29-02
Title: Network Programming
Date Approved by the Board of Trustees: 4/5/90
Updated & Approved:
Related Procedure IA29-02



  1. "Lakeland Cable Network" has exclusive responsibility for programming and for broadcasting on all District cable channels.
  2. Programming will be of good quality, will be compatible with the mission and image of Lakeland Community College and will meet the same standards of decency and integrity required of all college-supported activities.
    1. The college reserves the right to accept or reject any programming.
    2. All programming must conform to copyright laws.
    3. Normally, the "Lakeland Cable Network" will not program any commercial or commercially-related events, nor shall they air any promotions for these programs.
    4. Programming will adhere to Federal Communications Commission regulations.
    5. The college shall, at all times, provide balanced views in all areas of programming.
    6. Programming whose content is deemed religious, political, sexual, drug-related, and/or controversial or opinionated may be reviewed by the college administration before airing.
  3. The network will be on the air a minimum of forty hours per week on the subscriber channel and on an as-arranged basis on the institutional channel.
  4. Network-supported core programming will include:
    Educational programs, performing arts programs, sports programs and public service programs.
  5. Sponsor-supported optional programming may include:
    Promotional programs, instructional programs and special purpose programs.
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