Outcomes Assessment

Mission Statement

To promote learning outcomes assessment for the purpose of fostering continuous improvement of the teaching/learning process.

  • To engage faculty in learning outcomes initiatives and use their input to advance and improve the process
  • To embed learning outcomes into the academic culture and curriculum
  • To measure the effectiveness of the college, department/program and individual courses in meeting learning outcomes
  • To use assessment data for continuous improvement

Lakeland's approach to integration of the learning outcomes in the curriculum:

  • Integration of learning outcomes in each course is the foundation for success. Each faculty member identifies the areas that are most critical for student development in their particular course(s). Specific learning outcomes are integrated into the course goals, objectives and assignments.
  • Each department and program reviews the courses that comprise the discipline to ensure that all outcomes are included and assessed.
  • Quality learning at an institutional level is part of the culture, as all stakeholders in the process assess student attainment of the learning outcomes.
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