Machine and Computer Assisted Product Design

Lakeland's Mechanical Engineering Technology program prepares students for immediate employment as a technician or for transfer to a bachelor's degree program in mechanical engineering.

We deal with machine and product design. This program prepares you for a variety of employment opportunities, including:

  • mechanical technologist
  • CAD operator
  • tool and die designer
  • hydraulic test technologist

Our graduates will also play a vital role in assisting engineers in manufacturing where design skills may be applied to the development of production tools, fixtures, automation, and assembly machines. The Associate of Applied Science Degree in mechanical engineering technology has two options that emphasize the areas of machine design and computer assisted product design. There are also several certificate programs available.


Graduates will be able to:

  1. Solve technical problems typical of those encountered in mechanical engineering technology careers using creativity, current technology, and the principles of mathematics and applied science.
  2. Perform and evaluate laboratory experiments, interpret and report on the results, and make recommendations for improvements.
  3. Work and communicate effectively in a diverse multi-disciplinary team in an industrial and academic setting; and
  4. Understand modern quality principles, professional issues, and the need to pursue lifelong learning.

Lakeland's mechanical engineering technology program meets the future technology needs of the workplace. This program is technology based with a curriculum that includes product design so students will gain exposure to all aspects of this field. Lakeland's mechanical engineering technology CAD labs include both AutoCAD and Solid Works. Material testing, manual machinery, CNC machinery, welding, and metallurgy laboratories further provide technology students with crucial hands-on experience.


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