Operating College Facilities

Lakeland's Facilities Management maximizes the availability of the college's physical assets. We operate, maintain, repair, replace and construct new facilities to meet the needs of the user in a safe, effective and efficient manner.

Construction Projects

Lakeland Community College is an institution that never stops growing and evolving to meet the changing needs of its students and community. With an unwavering commitment to providing a world-class educational experience, Lakeland is constantly embarking on ambitious construction projects to modernize its facilities and expand its physical footprint.

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We maintain campus buildings and associated equipment such that it will operate safely, effectively and efficiently and allow the facilities to be used to their fullest.

The maintenance technicians are a multi-disciplined group capable of meeting a broad range of customer needs. They maintain 810,000 square feet in 14 buildings at the main campus.

Services Provided

FacilitiesFlooring repairs, repair damage to existing space, replacement of window treatments, installation of shelving and partitions
RoofingCleaning gutters and drain pipes, minor roofing repairs
PlumbingStopped up drains, urinals, commodes, leaking faucets, natural gas problems, compressed air, vacuum lines
Heating, Ventilation and CoolingTemperature control, equipment repair
PaintingPainting, signs
ElectricalLighting/lamp replacement, inoperable outlets, energy controls
MasonryRepair of stone and tile, repair of steps, walls, sidewalks, plastering and caulking
HVAC ContractsFull service

1st Shift - Six full-time
2nd Shift - Two full-time
3rd Shift - Two full-time

Contact Facilities Management for inquiries regarding service.


Our custodial department keeps the interior environment of the college's buildings clean, safe and sanitary. We provide set-up, breakdown and relocation services as needed in a safe, efficient and cost effective manner.

We are responsible for the routine cleaning of 810,000 square feet in the college's 14 buildings as well as: sweeping and snow removal from building entrances, equipment and furniture moves*, recycling (paper and aluminum cans), set-ups for campus acitvities*, special cleaning projects*.

* by service request only

1st Shift - Six full-time
2nd Shift - Four full-time

Window washing (Once a year)

Contact Facilities Management for inquiries regarding service.


Our grounds department provides the college with an external environment which is safe to transit, colorful, clean, inviting and relaxing.

The grounds crew is responsible for trash and litter removal, lawn and shrub care, snow and ice removal, maintenance of roads and drainage. In addition, the grounds crew cleans and maintains the vehicle fleet (service and maintenance repairs via contract). Grounds services is responsible for the cleanliness and routine maintenance of the college's exterior, including: outdoor plantings, snow removal from roads and sidewalks, road repair, removal of outdoor trash and litter.


Lawn and flowers (full service), snow removal (as needed), vehicle service and repairs (as needed)

Contact Facilities Management for inquiries regarding service.


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