Admissions Requirements

The Biotechnology Science program prepares students for entry-level laboratory technician positions in research and industrial laboratories engaged in biotechnology. Graduates may choose career paths in medical, pharmaceutical, agricultural, environmental, or forensic science industries, as well as basic biological research. The program emphasizes hands-on training utilizing industry standard equipment to perform both routine and specialized experimental techniques. Students become adept in macromolecular separation and characterization, genetic manipulation, cell culture, and microbial growth control. Fundamental laboratory skills such as documentation, reagent preparation, safety, troubleshooting, good laboratory practice (GLP), and good manufacturing practice (GMP) are stressed.

Students must meet specific admission requirements for this program. Requirements include

  • Completion of high school chemistry with a grade of "C" or above or successful completion of CHEM 1100 Elementary Chemistry.
  • Successful completion of MATH 950 Intermediate Algebra or placement into MATH 1650 College Algebra.

Students should contact the Biotechnology Science program director, director of admissions, or the Counseling Center for details about applying for admission to the program. Students must fill out the Biotechnology Science application. Students will not be able to register for Biotechnology Science courses without acceptance to the program. Transient students may be granted approval from the program director for individual courses.

A certificate (PDF) is also available


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