Online Lessons: FiSH (First, Search Here) Online Lessons: FiSH (First, Search Here)


The short tutorials in this section will demonstrate how to search for information on a topic in FiSH (First, Search Here) and use the many tools and functions available, including the citation generator and limiters.  Closed Caption transcripts of each recording are available. If the transcript does not appear when you play the recording, click the CC button found in the lower right corner on the player controls menu bar.

Tutorial #1 Accessing Library Resources through myLakeland

Tutorial #2  Basic Keyword Search in FiSH

Tutorial #3 Limiting Your Results

Tutorial #4 Types of Sources

Tutorial #5 Reading a Record

Tutorial #6 Evaluating Relevance

Tutorial #7 Evaluating Currency

Tutorial #8 Using the Citation Generator

Tutorial #9 Saving and Emailing Sources

Staging Enabled