Lakeland Community College is committed to providing innovative educational tools and programs that involve students in hands-on learning experiences, helping to ensure their success – both in the classroom and in life.


HIVE is a hub for students, faculty and the community designed to reframe mindsets and prepare individuals and teams to solve real-world challenges. HIVE engages learners as creators, collaborators, thinkers, explorers, instigators, dreamers and doers in a transformational experience to set students up for success in the classroom and beyond our walls.

Greenland Spaces and Classrooms

We are dedicated to cultivating experiences that allow our students to learn actively in diverse environments. A variety of interdisciplinary green learning spaces have been created as a teaching tool and strategy to enable students and faculty to make connections across content areas. Engaging in real-world, hands-on learning designed to put theory into practice, Lakelands green spaces spark new conversations, create unexpected connections, and calm and focus the mind.

Faculty Challenge Grants

The Faculty Challenge Grant program provides funding that might not otherwise be available to faculty for innovative or pilot programs designed to further enhance or enrich the student experience. Grants may also be awarded for programs that allow for a broader knowledge exchange among faculty to share teaching approaches or develop new methods that promote student engagement and success.

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