Futures Rising Fund

The Futures Rising Fund of The Lakeland Foundation supports a wide variety programs, student services, and other emerging needs that help to ensure the success of current and future Lakeland Community College students.

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Greatest Need

The impact of the Greatest Need Fund of The Lakeland Foundation is felt in every aspect of our work to support student success. Greatest Need funds provide much needed support to respond quickly to emerging programs and development needs through funding The Lakeland Foundation's operational needs. A gift to the Greatest Need Fund is a great way to ensure The Lakeland Foundation is able to remain flexible in its efforts to meet the growing needs of the college.

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Lakeland Community College enrolls more than 12,000 students each year. Our students come from across our region and are as diverse as the region itself. They are high achievers and they are students with daunting learning challenges. They are entering from high school and they are adults seeking to better their position in life. Many students live at or below the poverty threshold. Some are single, working moms. Some are veterans readjusting to civilian life. Whatever their differences, they are all striving to achieve the same goal – a better future for themselves and their families.

More than 50 percent of our current student body requires some amount of financial assistance to attend Lakeland Community College, and The Lakeland Foundation plays a critical role in their success. Each year, The Lakeland Foundation provides scholarship support of approximately $500,000 to hundreds of students.

Whether through our General Scholarship Fund, donating to an existing scholarship fund, or creating a new fund, your gift can make all the difference in a student's success. 

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Diversity and Special Programs

The Lakeland Foundation supports a variety of programs that support the needs of a diverse student population. Veterans, minority students, LGBTQ students and many others benefit from programs designed to meet their specific needs. In recent years, The Wells Fargo Veterans Lounge was established to help veterans assimilate back into civilian life. The Lakeland Student Engagement and Leadership Department was able to provide safe zone training for students and staff in working with the LGBTQ community.

The Lakeland Foundation also provides for specific programs created by faculty to enrich the academic experience. Recently, these programs have included lectures at The City Club of Cleveland, visits to area museums, The Cleveland Orchestra concerts and more. These are often programs and services that would not exist without the generous support of the community.

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Staging Enabled