Fall 2020 Registration Opens April 6

Note: Tuition for the first fall session (P1) and/or the full fall session (F) must be paid in full or the student enrolled in a Tuition Loan Payment Plan by Friday, August 17. Tuition for the second fall session (P2) is due October 20. When registering for multiple sessions, the earliest tuition due date applies.

Scholarships Are Available

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Walk-In Counseling
Students interested in Lakeland's Walk-In Counseling sessions, will need to sign in at the Student Service Center. The order in which students are seen is based upon the availability of a counselor for their specific academic program. Therefore, depending upon the program, wait times may vary. Students will be paged when a counselor is available and should immediately report to the Counseling and Advising Center. Failure to do so may result in a longer wait. 
New Courses

Staging Enabled