Lakeland's affordable tuition is lower than BOGO!

Shopping around for college this fall? Some colleges are offering special tuition discounts, like pay for one semester and get one free. But with Lakeland's low tuition, you'll still come out ahead! 

tuition comparison chart - Lakeland's low cost tuition is still less than CSU's two for one tuition promise

Source: Ohio Department of Higher Education, Annual Survey of Tuition and Fees, Fall 2019.

Fall 2021 Registration Opens April 5

Note: Tuition for the first fall session (P1) and/or the full fall session (F) must be paid in full or the student enrolled in a Tuition Loan Payment Plan by Aug.14, 2020. Tuition for the second fall session (P2) is due Oct. 17, 2020. When registering for multiple sessions, the earliest tuition due date applies.

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Chromebooks Available to Borrow

Registered students are eligible to borrow Chromebooks to assist in remote-learning courses. Learn more about reserving a Chromebook here.

Scholarships Are Available

Apply for scholarships to help pay for college!

Life is hard right now. We're here to make it easier.

With all the challenges students are facing due to Coronavirus, Lakeland is here to make your college experience easier. Students enrolled for fall semester 2021 will benefit from:

  • Affordable tuition (lower than CSU's 2 for 1 tuition promise)
  • No application fee
  • Up to $500 free money for technology
  • Free money for food, child care and health care (average award is $750)

It's easy to apply to Lakeland and for free financial assistance.

Now more than ever, opportunity starts here!

Meeting with a Counselor

Counseling and Advising appointments are currently being held in person, remotely over the phone or via Webex. To make an appointment call 440.525.7200.



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