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General Information
Location:Walk in help is available in C-2060 (across from the C-building elevator on the second floor).
Hours:Fall / Spring Walk-In Hours
Monday - Thursday | 8 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Friday | 8 a.m. - noon
Remote support available 24/7

Summer Walk-In Hours
Monday – Thursday | 7:30 a.m. – 8 p.m.
Friday | 7:30 a.m. – 12 noon
Saturday & Sunday CLOSED
Help Desk
You can request technical assistance anytime 24 hours a day, for immediate assistance please contact us by phone. After-hours email and web cases may be delayed up to 4 hours.
440.525.7570 (24 hours)
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Transcripts Transcripts

Requesting Official Transcripts from Lakeland

All financial obligations to Lakeland Community College must be satisfied before a transcript is released.

Students may request their official academic transcript to be sent to another institution or employer by completing the steps below.

  1. Log in to your myLakeland account and click on Student/Student Records/Student Records/Request Official Transcript.
  2. If you cannot access your myLakeland account you can either:
    1. Submit the Online Request for Transcript of Record Form
    2. Download the Request for Transcript of Record Form (.pdf), Completed forms can be:
    3. Stop by the Student Service Center.
  3. There is a transcript fee of $5 per copy. The fee can be paid in myLakeland, by check mailed with the transcript request form, in person at the Lakeland Cashier's Office, or by calling the Cashier's Office to pay by credit card or electronic check over the phone. If paying over the phone, write the receipt number on the Request for Transcript of Record form so payment can be verified.
  4. Students wanting same day pickup can pay $10 for rush service, but be aware that many institutions will not accept a transcript that is "issued to student."  Students should contact the receiving institution before requesting the same-day service. 


What is my Username? What is my Username?

What is my username?

What is my Username?
Your Username is your primary ID to access all of Lakeland's student systems including Blackboard, myLakeland, WiFi, Print Funds, and Virtual desktops/Active Directory.

Username:Your Username is the first part of your student email address before the @ symbol.
Example: jsmith12 of
Password:Default passwords will be set to a random, 11 character/number string. It will be sent to the personal email address that you provided when you applied to Lakeland. We highly recommend you take the time to ensure the safety of your personal information and change your password for all Lakeland systems through the myLakeland password reset page.

If you do not know this username please fill out the Active Directory Username Request Form

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What is my Lakeland ID? What is my Lakeland ID?

What is my Lakeland ID?

Get to Know Your Lakeland ID # (LID)
To help protect your privacy, Lakeland Community College has assigned a Lakeland ID number (LID) to you. This number is a different number than your social security number. The number is eight digits and starts with two zeroes. For example: 00xxxxxx
This personal number will be yours forever.

How do I find out what my LID is?
It will be printed on all of your schedules, financial aid notices, and tuition bills where your social security number was previously printed as well as on the bottom portion of your schedule, which is used to pay tuition.

What if I forget my LID?
We do not release your LID# without photo verification of identity. Here are the standard options for students in this situation:

Present a photo ID at the Admissions Office and you will be given your LID number.

Click here to fill out the Lakeland ID/LID Request Form

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